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About Us

Our approach

We believe that organisations need to understand how their key business functions are enabled through cyberspace so that they can make informed and effective decisions.  No amount of measures can eliminate the risk of a cyber incident but informed decision making can reduce this risk at the lowest possible cost to the organisation.

We provide scenario and contingency training to help organisations understand how well they could respond to an incident.  We use our experience of real cyber operations, combined with an academic approach, to deliver realistic and grounded experiences that will enable your organisation to learn quickly and effectively.

Our vision

We believe that all businesses should be able to understand their cyber dependence in the same way that they can understand financial reporting.  We do not believe that everyone needs to be a cyber security expert for the same reasons that not everyone needs to be an accountant.

Our people

Toby Rose

Toby Rose is the co-founder of Clear Cut Cyber Ltd.  He believes that whilst cyber security is difficult to achieve, it should not be complicated, and he is dedicated to helping businesses understand and implement their own cyber security.

With over eight years experience in the RAF Toby has a raft of practical leadership, strategy and cyber knowledge.  He has developed this from working in cyber operations, IT delivery, and intelligence across government and around the world.  His experience allows him to communicate effectively with a culturally diverse audience in high pressure environments.  

Toby has recently completed a second masters degree in Cyber Operations at Cranfield University, researching senior leadership engagement with cyber security.  Outside of work he enjoys cross country mountain biking, uphill (XC) skiing and DIY.

Jon Lorains

Jon Lorains is the co-founder of Clear Cut Cyber Ltd.  He has almost a decade of experience in the Information Technology and Cyber Security sector through his military service as a Royal Signals officer in the British Army.  

He has worked in network and service delivery and has managed cyber operations.  He is able to draw upon this experience to provide insight and guidance on how businesses can understand their cyber security position and so protect themselves effectively and efficiently.

CISSP certified and with a Masters degree in Cyberspace Operations, he is passionate about helping businesses understand what cyber security means to them and to allow them to make informed decisions to manage their cyber risk.  He seeks to combine the best aspects of his academic and operational experience to offer pragmatic and effective advice that is grounded in reality and not in hype and hyperbole.  This lets businesses protect their revenue today and their competitiveness in the future.

Outside of work he enjoys woodworking, playing with computers, offshore sailing and attempting to keep up with his 6 year old son.

Tom Longstaff

Tom is the Head of Cyber Security Consulting for Clear Cut Cyber Ltd. He believes that making cyber security as simple and understandable as possible is the best way to help organisations protect and grow their businesses.

Tom spent over 11 years in the UK Royal Navy, ultimately specialising in cyber threat intelligence, and the planning and execution of cyber operations. During his time in industry, he has helped provide cyber security solutions for small and large businesses, as well as demanding military and government organisations. Tom draws on this experience to offer customers clear and relevant cyber security advice which is tailored to their needs. This results in effective, efficient and manageable solutions.

Tom has an NCSC-accredited Masters degree in Information Security, and is CISSP Certified. Outside of work he enjoys hill running, cycling and carpentry.

How we’ll work with you

We bring our expertise of both exercising and cyber security into the heart of your organisation. We work with you to develop an exercising programme that suits your organisation and that delivers long term value.

What we can do for you

We work with you to transform your cyber security. Here’s what we can help with:

Critical business functions - helping you identify your critical business functions and their cyber vulnerabilities

Cyber threats - developing your understanding of modern cyber threats

Incident response - helping you understand how your incident response would work in a realistic scenario so that you can learn lessons without the cost of a real incident

Team building - helping you bring together the right people from across your organisation so they can get ready for a cyber incident

Education - providing an engaging platform for the whole organisation to learn about cyber security

Holistic testing - ensuring all aspects of your organisation, and the organisations you rely on, are ready for a cyber incident.

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