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Cyber exercises help protect electrical Critical National Infrastructure.

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We conduct cyber exercises in a synthetic environment so there is zero risk to your operational systems

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Realistic scenarios developed by offensive cyber professionals

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CNI Knowledge

Specialist knowledge of CNI systems means we understand the threats to your organisation

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Cyber exercises provide objective feedback on which cyber security investments work and which don't

Exercising value

Critical National Infrastructure, and in particular the electrical sub-sector, is a high profile target for a cyber attack. The systems supporting this infrastructure need to be protected at both the organisational and technical levels.

Cyber exercises provide a framework for understanding what happens when electrical Critical National Infrastructure is attacked. They help reduce the likelihood of an attack and help mitigate the consequences of an attack.

The electrical sector is particularly at risk and real incidents, such as the Black Energy attack against Ukrainian electrical systems, have demonstrated the threat. Cyber security defences need to be able to withstand the most determined and persistent of attackers.

Cyber exercises help test how cyber defences perform in the face of a state level attacker. They help the defender understand how an advanced attacker thinks and operates, and how to defend against them.

  • What is a cyber exercise?

  • Cyber exercising has been developed out of the military concept of training forces to handle challenging situations.

  • They allow organisations to rehearse their response to dynamic situations. They help build and validate robust processes and engender effective teamwork.

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Industrial control systems (ICS), SCADA, and other Operational Technology (OT) need to be protected from cyber attacks in different ways to standard IT systems. These specialist systems need to be well understood so that they can be protected.

Clear Cut Cyber has significant experience of working with ICS, SCADA and OT. We understand how these technologies are deployed, configured and maintained. We understand how they are attacked and how they can be protected.

The electrical sector is particularly reliant on a number of different organisations having to work closely together using interconnected IT systems. A security weakness in one of these organisations can affect the security of the wider sector. These organisations need to be able to respond collectively to a cyber incident to mitigate the impact.

Cyber exercises help build trust and mutual understanding between organisations so that coordinated action can be taken when a cyber incident happens.

How we’ll work with you

We bring our expertise of both exercising and cyber security into the heart of your organisation. We work with you to develop an exercising programme that suits your organisation and that delivers long term value.

What we can do for you

We work with you to transform your cyber security. Here’s what we can help with:

Critical business functions - helping you identify your critical business functions and their cyber vulnerabilities

Cyber threats - developing your understanding of modern cyber threats

Incident response - helping you understand how your incident response would work in a realistic scenario so that you can learn lessons without the cost of a real incident

Team building - helping you bring together the right people from across your organisation so they can get ready for a cyber incident

Education - providing an engaging platform for the whole organisation to learn about cyber security

Holistic testing - ensuring all aspects of your organisation, and the organisations you rely on, are ready for a cyber incident.

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  • You may have heard of red teaming or pen testing but what exactly is a cyber exercise and how is it different?
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About Us

Clear Cut Cyber has world class knowledge of attacking critical networks. We understand how nation state cyber operations take place. We have used this knowledge to test and exercise at the highest level of UK Government cyber exercises. Find out more about Clear Cut Cyber.