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Cyber breach 'Fine-o-meter'

Find out how much a cyber incident could cost your organisation in lost revenue and GDPR fines.

Annual Revenue (£m):

Time to recover (days):

Impact on revenue (%):

Incident frequency (years):

% of max GDPR fine realised (%):

Cost of recovery (£k):

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We conduct cyber exercises in a synthetic environment so there is zero risk to your operational systems

the safe way to test

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Expert Advice

Realistic scenarios developed by offensive cyber professionals

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Unknown Unknowns

Cyber exercises reveal areas of weakness you didn't know existed

How exercising works

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Assess investments

Cyber exercises provide objective feedback on which cyber security investments work and which don't

Exercising value

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  • Cyber exercising, red teaming and pentesting

  • You may have heard of red teaming or pen testing but what exactly is a cyber exercise and how is it different?
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About Us

Clear Cut Cyber has world class knowledge of attacking critical networks. We understand how nation state cyber operations take place. We have used this knowledge to test and exercise at the highest level of UK Government cyber exercises. Find out more about Clear Cut Cyber.