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We run the exercise so you can focus on your incident response

Running your own exercise can be challenging and can prevent you from getting maximum value out of the experience.

We help organisations conduct their NCSC “Exercise in a box”. We facilitate the day and ensure that discussions are focused and productive. This means you can focus on the exercise and not on the running of the day.

The NCSC “Exercise in a box” is a free online tool that allows organisations to test how they would respond to a cyber attack. Although this is an excellent service, many organisations find it challenging to get maximum value out of such an exercise.

Our experienced cyber security experts can provide objective input into how cyber attacks can happen and can challenge any emerging group think. This means you can get maximum value out of the time invested by those taking part.

If you would like to find out more information about how a facilitated exercise can deliver value please use the contact form below to register your interest.

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Not sure about the service? This is what Chesterfield Borough Council found:

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Was there an obstacle or hesitation that would have prevented you from buying facilitation of Exercise in a Box?
Budget is certainly always an obstacle, but we felt the service was excellent value for money and competitive. There is always a reservation that any training won’t be engaging.

How did you find the running of the exercise?
The pre-site visit arrangements went smoothly, and the logistics worked well. The telephone conversation a couple of weeks before the event to finalise arrangements was beneficial.

What did you like most?
The consultant was very experienced in cyber security and was able to communicate to different audiences.

What else did you find useful about the exercise?
It was a very useful exercise to get a snapshot of our maturity of how to respond to security events.
It has provided a motivation to continue to address improving our incident response process.
It has helped raised awareness within the organisation of cyber threats and our need to be able to respond to them.

Would you recommend this service? If so, why?
I would recommend this service. Although material is available for organisations to conduct their own incident response exercises, the value is diminished if it cannot be facilitated by someone who can engage and interact with the customers. Clear Cut Cyber was able to clearly explain the scenarios, and in the context of our organisation and the threats that apply to us.
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We conduct cyber exercises in a synthetic environment so there is zero risk to your operational systems

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Realistic scenarios developed by offensive cyber professionals

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Unknown Unknowns

Cyber exercises reveal areas of weakness you didn't know existed

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Assess investments

Cyber exercises provide objective feedback on which cyber security investments work and which don't

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Clear Cut Cyber has world class knowledge of attacking critical networks. We understand how nation state cyber operations take place. We have used this knowledge to test and exercise at the highest level of UK Government cyber exercises. Find out more about Clear Cut Cyber.