Exercise your supply chain

Protect your supply chain, protect your business

Protect yourself from supply chain disruptions

Cyber incidents are an ever increasing fact of life. But while you can work to secure your own organisation your operations can still be impacted by a cyber incident affecting your suppliers.

Cyber exercises allow your suppliers to demonstrate to you that they are prepared to handle a cyber incident. They provide objective and independent evidence of your suppliers’ response to realistic cyber incidents. They also make your suppliers better prepared for an incident.

This helps minimise the risk to your operations and helps protect your top line.

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Minimise risks to production. Protect your production from supply chain disruptions by having your suppliers rehearse a cyber incident.

Assured assessment. We independently assess how your suppliers would actually handle a cyber incident rather than how an audit thinks they should perform.

Protect yourself. Better cyber security for your suppliers protects you too. Cyber attacks will often take the easiest route to target. This is often via poorly protected suppliers.

Monitor improvement. Monitor and encourage improvements in your suppliers’ cyber security by having them conduct routine exercises.

What is a cyber exercise? Find out here

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Why a cyber exercise?

Standardised assessment. We assess cyber exercises to internationally recognised standards to make it easier to communicate the results with your customers.

Rapid assessment. Quickly understand the cyber security risks present in your supply chain. Faster and cheaper than pentest and red team engagements.

More than an audit or survey. Cyber exercises test an organisation’s incident response in a way that audit and surveys cannot.

Realistic scenarios. Our scenarios are devised by experienced offensive cyber experts who know how organisations can be seriously affected by a cyber incident.

Vehicles for change. Cyber exercises are not just an assessment tool. They provide the opportunity for an organisation to better understand how a cyber incident could affect them and so make positive change.

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We conduct cyber exercises in a synthetic environment so there is zero risk to your operational systems

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Expert Advice

Realistic scenarios developed by offensive cyber professionals

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Unknown Unknowns

Cyber exercises reveal areas of weakness you didn't know existed

How exercising works

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Assess investments

Cyber exercises provide objective feedback on which cyber security investments work and which don't

Exercising value

How we conduct a cyber exercise

Our engagements are typically conducted as follows:

Define. We work with you to understand the type of exercise you want your suppliers to conduct. This could be a quick, off the shelf exercise or an exercise specifically customised to their organisation.

Prepare. For more customised exercises we will work with you and your suppliers to understand how your businesses interact. We then use our cyber expertise to devise custom scenarios.

Deliver. We facilitate and record the exercise delivery helping your supplier get the most from the process. Our exercises are normally delivered over the course of 1-2 days, though this will vary to meet the requirement.

Learn. We report back to you and your supplier detailing what took place, how it was dealt with and how things could be improved. We align our findings to your preferred standard such as Cyber Essentials, ISO 27000 or the NIST CSF.

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About Us

Clear Cut Cyber has world class knowledge of attacking critical networks. We understand how nation state cyber operations take place. We have used this knowledge to test and exercise at the highest level of UK Government cyber exercises. Find out more about Clear Cut Cyber.