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Work out how much you should spend on cyber security

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How cyber exercises deliver value

Cyber Budgeting:  How much should you spend on cyber security?

Cyber budgeting

How much should you spend on cyber security? Where should you spend it for maximum effect? How do you do this while remaining competitive?

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3rd Party Assurance: How can you minimise cyber risk in your supply chain?

Supply chain

How can you minimise cyber risk in your supply chain? How can you efficiently assess the cyber security of your suppliers? Want more than compliance box ticking?

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Cyber due diligence? How can you demonstrate to your customers that you are ready for a cyber incident?

Customer assurance

How can you demonstrate to your customers that you are ready for a cyber incident? How can you use cyber exercises to establish a differentiated offering?

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Security Optimisation: How do you know that your incident response team are ready?


How do you know that your incident response team are ready? How can you quickly test new processes? How can you work out who is responsible for what?

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Our customers

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"... a very useful exercise to get a snapshot of our maturity of how to respond to security events"

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"I’d certainly recommend it and I’d like to use the service again as well which is an endorsement in itself"

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We conduct cyber exercises in a synthetic environment so there is zero risk to your operational systems

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Expert Advice

Realistic scenarios developed by offensive cyber professionals

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Unknown Unknowns

Cyber exercises reveal areas of weakness you didn't know existed

How exercising works

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Assess investments

Cyber exercises provide objective feedback on which cyber security investments work and which don't

Exercising value

NHS Trusts

Need to run a cyber exercise to be DSPT compliant? Want a facilitator that understands healthcare organisations?

We can help facilitate your healthcare cyber exercise.

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Electricity and energy

We have world class expertise in understanding the cyber vulnerabilities in electrical generation, transmission and distribution systems.

Find out how cyber exercising can protect this Critical National Infrastructure.

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How we’ll work with you

We bring our expertise of both exercising and cyber security into the heart of your organisation. We work with you to develop an exercising programme that suits your organisation and that delivers long term value.

What we can do for you

We work with you to transform your cyber security. Here’s what we can help with:

Critical business functions - helping you identify your critical business functions and their cyber vulnerabilities

Cyber threats - developing your understanding of modern cyber threats

Incident response - helping you understand how your incident response would work in a realistic scenario so that you can learn lessons without the cost of a real incident

Team building - helping you bring together the right people from across your organisation so they can get ready for a cyber incident

Education - providing an engaging platform for the whole organisation to learn about cyber security

Holistic testing - ensuring all aspects of your organisation, and the organisations you rely on, are ready for a cyber incident.

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  • Cyber exercising, red teaming and pentesting

  • You may have heard of red teaming or pen testing but what exactly is a cyber exercise and how is it different?
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About Us

Clear Cut Cyber has world class knowledge of attacking critical networks. We understand how nation state cyber operations take place. We have used this knowledge to test and exercise at the highest level of UK Government cyber exercises. Find out more about Clear Cut Cyber.